We love our bingo games at Amazing.Bingo - that's why we have so many of them to choose from. We want you to have the best experience possible which is why we have included so much variety, you will find something for everyone here.
What's also good news for those of you, who are always on the go, is that these are also mobile bingo offerings, so you can play them wherever you happen to be.

As you may have guessed, there are a total of 75 bingo balls in these games. When you open a game up in the lobby, you will be presented with a grid of squares (5x5) - and there will be a square in the middle that is free. It's easy to win, all you need to do is fill your card with 5 numbers in a line (this will be vertical, horizontal or diagonal), or else a certain pattern that will be specified before the game begins. This game is a winner takes all situation, which is good for those of you who want to win big.

We have lots of 90 ball bingo at Amazing.Bingo. With this bingo variation there are 3 chances to win. This time there will be one grid complete with 9 numbers, and the first chance you will have to win will be when you get 1 line on your card filled up. Following this, you need to be the first player to get 2 full lines filled up, and then another prize will be given to the full house winner (3 lines).

Some great mobile bingo and online bingo games you may want to check out include the £250 Balance Booster jackpot that runs on the 15th of each month or the All or Nothing game that plays each Saturday where tickets cost only 5p each!

There is lots of fun to be had at Amazing Bingo - so make sure to register now if you haven't already.